Robert McParland

Citizen Steinbeck, a new book on American author John Steinbeck, has been published.

Quarternotes Newsletter: A Quarterly News Update

Citizen Steinbeck has been published. (October 2016. )

Steinbeck: Giving Voice to the People
Citizen Steinbeck is on the way.

Beyond Gatsby was featured in book displays at the American Popular Culture Conference in New Orleans and at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston. In April, Robert McParland spoke at the American Popular Culture Conference in New Orleans and lectured on the book for seniors in Bergen County, New Jersey. A paper on Soren Kierkegaard was presented at an ethics conference and an essay on Charles Dickens and George Orwell was published in The Apollonian.

Beyond Gatsby Now Available

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Selected Works

History; Literary Criticism
Cultural History-Literary Criticism-Critical Biography
Citizen Steinbeck covers the career and works of American author John Steinbeck.
Literature and Cultural History
Beyond Gatsby discusses the American writers of the 1920s.
Literature and Cultural History
Reader response, book history, and American cultural history.
This is the first study of Dickensís American readers and audience for his American readings.Bela Kornitzer Award Winner.
Film Studies
Film and Literary Modernism is a collection of essays about the arts, literary modernism, and film making from 1900 through the 1960s.
Explores the connections between music and literature.
This study of Conradís themes, style, and techniques is for those writing on his works.
A collection of short stories.

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