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Native Sons to King's Men- The Literary Landscape of 1940s America

Citizen Steinbeck Published

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Beyond Gatsby: How Fitzgerald, Hemingway and the Writers of the 1920s Shaped American Culture. Published April 1, 2015. Now available.

Robert McParland's essay on Quadrophenia "To the Sea and Sand" appears in the recently published The Who and Philosophy, edited by Rocco Gennaro and Casey Harison.

Mark Twain's Audience

Mark Twain's Audience offers a cultural history of late nineteenth century America through the responses of Mark Twain's readers to his writings.

Native Sons to King's Men : The Literary Landscape of the 1940s published in November 2017.

Science Fiction in Classic Rock

January 13, 2018

Tags: science fiction, rock music

This is the first book to explore science fiction in classic rock music (1967-1982). It is first book in a series that will include books on Heavy Metal Rock, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young and American Counterculture, Singer-Songwriters, Rock and Religion, and American Folk Music. Science Fiction in Classic Rock is now available.

Citizen Steinbeck Lecture

October 4, 2016

Tags: America, citizens, John Steinbeck; presidential election

Robert McParland addressed an audience in northern New Jersey on October 31 on Citizen Steinbeck, concerning the life and works of John Steinbeck and the current presidential election. Citizen Steinbeck was published in October by Rowman and Littlefield.

Beyond Gatsby

May 1, 2015

Tags: 1920s, America, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Lewis, Cather, Dos Passos, Stein, Faulkner

Beyond Gatsby has been published (April 2015) and is now on the shelves in more than 80 libraries after the first month of publication. It will be featured in the book display at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston later this month. The book is about American culture and writers of the 1920s.

Mark Twain's Audience Reading and Signing

December 1, 2014

Tags: reading, book signing

Robert McParland spoke about his book Mark Twain's Audience at a reception at Felician College in Lodi, New Jersey on Thursday, November 20, 4:00-6:00 P.M..

Mark Twain's Audience

July 11, 2014

Tags: Mark Twain, book history, readers, audience

"Mark Twain's Audience" has been published.

"This is more than a study of literary influence. Robert McParland has driven a core sample deep into the history of American culture, revealing the responses that Mark Twain evoked in readers of all social and ethnic backgrounds." - Jonathan Rose, Author of The Literary Churchill.

Tipperary Peace Song Finalists

July 4, 2014

Tags: song, peace, music, Ireland

Robert McParland will join songwriters at the Tipperary Songs for Peace final on Thursday, July 10 with his song, which was among the finalists. The Tipperary Peace Convention has recently awarded its peace prize to Richard Haass of the Council of Foreign Relations.

Short Story "My True Love Sent to Me" in Pomona Valley Review May 2014 Issue

May 10, 2014

Tags: Short story; True Love

It's Christmas in May as the short story "My True Love Sent to Me" appears this month in the Pomona Valley Review.

"Dickens and Opera" Appears in "The Human"

August 10, 2013

Tags: Dickens, opera, sound, language

"The Human" has published "Dickens and Opera" on sound in Dickens's writing, his visit to Italy, and his interest in Itaian opera.

"Bringing Smoky Home" in Pomona Valley Review

April 24, 2013

Tags: Short story

The short story "Bringing Smoky Home" will appear in the Pomona Valley Review.

Selected Works

History; Literary Criticism
Cultural History-Literary Criticism-Critical Biography
Citizen Steinbeck covers the career and works of American author John Steinbeck.
Literature and Cultural History
Beyond Gatsby discusses the American writers of the 1920s.
Literature and Cultural History
Reader response, book history, and American cultural history.
This is the first study of Dickensís American readers and audience for his American readings.Bela Kornitzer Award Winner.
Film Studies
Film and Literary Modernism is a collection of essays about the arts, literary modernism, and film making from 1900 through the 1960s.
Explores the connections between music and literature.
This study of Conradís themes, style, and techniques is for those writing on his works.
A collection of short stories.

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